Power point placement

Posted by on November 8th, 2017 in

I’m in Sydney this week for Web Directions Summit 2017, and while I’m here I’m staying in a serviced, studio apartment.

It’s nice. It’s clean, semi spacious, has a bed and a TV. I’ve noticed one thing missing though, and it’s kinda significant for people who travel with technology…

There are hardly any power points! There’s 1 spare behind the TV, and one behind the lamp that’s in use but that’s all I could find. I know more exist behind the fridge and the oven, in the bathroom etc. but I’m obviously not unplugging any of those.

So, I’m offering up my thoughts on power point placement in hotel rooms, serviced apartments, or places that people stay while on holiday.

Where would I place power points?

  1. On both sides of the bed – 2 on each side please
  2. On the wall, close to the TV, but not hidden (in addition to the ones that are hidden)
  3. Close to the desk (if the room has one)

Putting power points in the places mentioned above should allow for charging and using of devices more than enough devices. If we could get some USB charging ports on the walls, that would be awesome too.

-End of random thought-